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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nye tradisjoner - new traditions

I love traditions, at least the good know what to look forward too, it gives so many memories and it gives structure. For someone who likes to plan ahead that is a great thing. I want to give my children some traditions, and decided to start Sunday cooking/baking. I personally hate to play an active role in the kitchen, but i do LOVE to eat. I love the smells, tastes and comforts food bring!

I decided I should still pass on some of the little knowledge I have of cooking and baking, and maybe my kids will enjoy it more than I do.
So, last Sunday we started with walnut-mint brownies. Miss E. got to crack an egg (it didn't make the bowl) and we had a lot of fun.

And again I ate too much....oh, the sacrifices we make for our children!

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