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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Frugal gift

Miss E's pre-school graduation is next week, so I've been thinking about teacher's gifts....Like most people these days, I have to watch every dollar I spend, so I've been searching blogland for ideas. I found some great ones! I forgot where I saw this, but this was wonderful. Exfoliating hand soap!

Here is recipe # 1:
Fill a mason jar with sugar almost to the top
Add Dawn liquid soap (with Olay beauty). It smells good!
Use a knife to stir up - til paste like. After one jar, I decided to measure up in the jar then pour in a bowl and mix, then pour back in the jar. Otherwise it was hard to get all the sugar mixed up.

Then, make sure you have a tight lid. Embellish with tags, ribbons and fabric. Make it pretty!
And yes, I did try it out and it was great! Left my hands super soft and they smelt good!

I'll post recipe # 2 tomorrow!

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