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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hipp hipp hurra!!!

Happy birthday Norway!
We got our own constitution in 1814, but we didn't get our own King and total Independence before 1905. Not that long ago really.

My girls all dressed in bunads (or festdrakt). In Norway, on May 17th, everyone dresses up and celebrates. These dresses are traditional costumes, there are a ton of different ones, but yet they are sort of similar. My oldest has some jewelry that goes with it. The girls looks so cute and Norwegian! So fun for a proud mom!

In Norway, there are children's parades, games and fun to celebrate the day.
We celebrated with friends at Son's of Norway. We had a great time, almost like I was home....almost... But I am going home Thursday! Yeah! For 3 weeks! I will not be doing any blogging there, so my site will be quiet...

Baby A is finally getting the hang of walking, she does not want to be still.....just in time for 15 hour plane rides!

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