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Monday, November 8, 2010

November ramblings

(these were taken in September)
Rumor has it that we are not supposed to get any moisture here for the whole month of November! Can they really know that a month in advance? If that is true that would just be so weird. We usually have so much snow. Since winter last forever up here, it's nice to get a late start. It does changes my ideas for our Christmas photo though...have to come up with something else. It's crazy how fast time flies between now and Christmas and that I need to work on Christmas cards already....

Today I start weight watchers...again... When will I reach my goal? (I've been trying for 5 years.) And for the first time in weeks I'm excited about exercising. I've been exercising about 4 times a week for five weeks now and I've finally reached the point where I don't mind! (I usually hate it with a passion!) I just hope I can keep it up, which is usually my problem.... and to stay away from all those things I don't need to eat....And by the way I'm taking Thanksgiving weekend off! Yummy comfort food I can't wait to eat you!

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