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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Today I get to go to an all day scrap "retreat"! I am so excited! I am so far behind on my albums, so I can't wait to catch up.
-Imagine from 9 am to 9 pm, I will not be interrupted or having to do anything....nope, all day to myself!

Yesterday me and the kiddos went to the big city. I wanted to get some Christmas shopping done, it easily takes a month to ship big boxes to Norway.... Anyways it was stressful! Over 4 h. to go back and forth, big city traffic and two kids who decided to be crazy, silly and very loud! Especially the baby (who is almost 2), who only wanted to take off or be carried or scream with joy or anger.... and then the 5 year old wants to be carried because it's not fair....and the food is not right and it goes on and on.....

Oh yeah, some peace and quiet is welcomed today!

And tomorrow I get to make lefse!

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