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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My new love

I'm in love. With my rhubarb plant. It's huge, and it's been here since before we moved here. Before, I always just enjoyed it's beauty, I was never interested in it's "fruit". I thought I didn't like rhubarb anymore. Of course I was thinking of when I was a child and would dip the sour stalk in a cup of sugar...

Instead I made rhubarb juice! Boy oh boy was that delicious! And easy! I also made jams. Will post that tomorrow.
I'm on a roll now...will make more this week. Preserves and more drinks. This drink tasted SO good!

Rhubarb drink recipe:

1 1/2 kg rhubarb ( just rinse, not peel. Will make the juice pink)
4L water
250g sugar
juice from 2 lemons ( I used 1 orange and some concentrated lemon juice)

Wash the rhubarb and cut it in big chunks. Boil it soft in the water ( about 20 min). Pour it over a cheese cloth. Then pour the juice back in the pot with the sugar and lemon. Stir and give it a fast boil again.
Pour in hot bottles or canning jars. Cork it right away.

Serve cold with ice cubes! Delicious on a hot summer day!

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