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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Today we had a fall party at a friends house. It was great! Tons of food, and fall decorations. I got some pics, but not many...
(These are from last weekend.) I cooked and baked all day, and then I ate a whole lot. It was quite the harvest feast! Kids were free and wild, and us grown-ups had a lot of fun too.
We decorated with a lot of hey balls, pumpkins, string lights and candles. It was pretty! My friend has a great fire pit and the nature surrounding her place is awesome. We did bobbing for apples, and hanging doughnuts. And they had slaughtered a pig that they were roasting. - me, being a vegetarian had no involvement with that...They did offer me the tail tough. According to Laura Ingals, that is the best part! No thank you.
And since we are all such party animals, with young kids, it's now bedtime!
It was a good party!

But now I am pooped! Get it???

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