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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beloved childrens book

I love children's books from when I was a child and even before. I guess I'm entering the vintage category?
I didn't have this book as a child, but it was read on TV. Oh, how I loved it and it's beautiful pictures! By the way this is "Tant Gron, Tant Brun och Tant Gredelin" by Elsa Beskov. ( "Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Violet"). The first edition came out in 1958 so that is WAY older than me! I came across this book at a secondhand store back in Norway a few years back and I was so excited!

Anyways I seem to be drawn to things that gives me good childhood feelings, and this is one of them. I will feature more books in days to come. I don't know if this book ever got published here in the US, but if you don't know it, enjoy the pictures! I always wanted to be the little girl...

How about you guys, are you drawn towards childhood feelings?
I don't remember too much from my childhood, which is horrible, but I do remember feelings and scents...And they make me remember more.

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