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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Korker ribbons

I started to make korker ribbons for my girls a while back. Today I finally finished...sometimes I take forever to finish a project...

Anyways here is the recipe:
- Wooden dowels
- Wooden clothespins
- Any 100 % polyester fabric ribbon
- Hair pin of your choice
- Needle and thread
- Glue gun
- Stove

Cut ribbons to desired length and roll it around one dowel. Experiment with tension to your liking. Attach each end with the clothespin. Repeat this with how many you desire to use. I think it took me two dowels with ribbon to make one finished korker. But it depends how full you want yours. Put it on a clean cooking sheet in a clean oven at 275 degrees, for about 15-20 min. Let cool down and gently slide off the dowels. Then cut to desired length and sew a bunch together. Attach to hair pin with glue and maybe an embellishment ( I used some buttons).
Ready to use in a little beauty's hair!
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