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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall photo session

Even though the days are still hot, fall is definitely here. (We had to shoot in the morning in order to wear fall clothing). The nature in my county is absolutely breathtaking right now. The most fabulous yellows and oranges colored trees are everywhere. The mountains look so incredible beautiful!

Me and my friend decided to go down to my towns river and do a photo shot, trying to capture some of the beauty and our kids. It was so pretty, fun and stressful... little kids don't always cooperate...

They did enjoy throwing leaves in the air though...

I took a million shots, most with crazy fake smiles, but also some great ones. I need two really good ones enlarged for the family room. My husband is tired of looking at the pictures that came with the frames....and I can't say I blame him!
It was a great day with my children, and my friend and her children! And everyday I thank God for living in such beauty!

I've been blessed!

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