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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Family Room

This room used to be Miss E's bedroom, but because of Mr. Bears frequent visits last summer (right outside her window), we moved her elsewhere. Then, it became our family room. It was a VERY pink family room! (I forgot to take before pictures...)
With the help of my family, we build a walk in closet, where you see the door. It's not finished yet, and I can't wait to use that space!

The walls got painted a light grey, and the TV hung on the wall with all the cords hidden. I love that! At some point we will get a gas fireplace to put underneath the TV....
My mom sewed new curtains and painted, my sister painted and orginized and my hubby and dad build the closet. Thank you all!

And since our family is 50% little kids, they have a corner with toys...
I am so happy to be done, and I love this new place of relaxation and family time!

The pink is gone!

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