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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas goodies


Christmas time means eating time for me. Lots of yummy foods and candies. Yesterday we were suppose to make gingerbread men, but we didn't have any ginger...So I ended up making chocolate covered pretzels and peppermint bark. Yum!

As a child you couldn't buy already cracked nuts, you had to do the work yourself. My oldest thought it sounded so much fun to do it yourself so I got some. It was hard work and not fun at all - and it was WALNUTS! " But mom, I don't like walnuts!!!"
They look pretty as decorations though.

Growing up, you also only had clementines during Christmas time, -it was so good and tasty with the miniature oranges. And we would poke whole cloves into oranges and enjoy the heavenly aroma!

It smells and taste like good times and memories around here!

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