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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our trees

Dec 2ND

Today I would like to share our Christmas trees with you. First, we have a white tree in our family room. This is our "modern" tree. This year the ornaments on it are brown. Last year they were pink. I think a white tree is absolutely beautiful, but I could never have it as my main tree.

In our kitchen we have a small " Norwegian " tree. I realize it should be a real tree and not a fake, but oh well. -White lights, red apples and some simple Norwegian figurines adore this little tree. The reds looks beautiful at night!

In our living room is our main tree. This is full of colored lights and shiny ornaments! My absolute favorite! The more the merrier! We used to do a real tree, but when I was very pregnant with NR 2 and my husband worked too much, it was easier to just get a fake. I always disliked the idea of a fake, but have to admit I LOVE it! The shape is always perfect, the branches are very full and there is no mess. All things that matters a lot too me. And when I miss the smell of evergreen, I just light an evergreen candle and enjoy its strong aroma. (I want this tree to look like a tree from a Disney movie that I used to watch as a kid. How silly is that?)Anyways, those are our trees, just wanted to show them to you. And of course Princess E has her own miniature, and baby is in the process of getting hers....

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