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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Little Christmas Eve / Lille Julaften

Dec 23rd

I have seen this bird feeder/candle holder several places, and decided to give it a try. All you you do is find a container, with a hollow center. (Or you take a glass filled with something heavy and place in the center). Fill it with water and whatever decorative stuff you like. I choose cranberries, sunflower seeds and some evergreen clippings. Put in freezer, til frozen. To loosen from container, place in some warm water.

Place a candle in the center and enjoy the coziness from inside your warm home. As the weather gets warmer, the block will melt and the birds will get access to the food.

Today is the day before the big day for Norwegians. We celebrate on the 24th. Since I married an American and live here in the US, I have to find a way to work the different traditions together. It can be a bit challenging, but I think I'm starting to figure our family's traditions out. Today is the big catch up and make sure your house is sparkling clean day. We'll have a new traditional dinner tonight; butternut squash casserole, twice baked potatoes and acorn squash. We will then read the night before Christmas, and drink coca-cola from miniature bottles and have some chocolate mousse.

Then tomorrow we will do a traditional Norwegian Christmas with all our gifts, but with no Santa. He comes in the evening for a short visit with the children in Norway. We will skip that part, but do as Americans; leave out cookie and milk and hang our stockings. Santa will leave one gift and filled stockings. We will have a nice breakfast and off to grandmas we go for an American Christmas!

I simply love having traditions, knowing what comes next and what to look forward to. I hope my children will like that too! And it's nice to mix two people's traditions and to make new ones.

I better get going, have baking to do and a whole list of stuff that I should have done earlier!
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