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Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby gift

I have four friends who are having baby boys about this time.
( Anna had hers last week. Congratulations to her! )
I have made my girls hooded towels before, and they are so great to use. -And so easy to make. So I made one for one of the babies and will probably make more.
All you do is purchase one large towel and one hand towel. Cut the hand towel in half, and sew one of the parts on to the large towel. And sew the small towel shut at the top. And that is that! I like to embellish the towel with ribbon. On this towel I used ribbon with footballs, knowing the family are football fans.

All ready to keep a beautiful little baby warm and snugly after his bath!

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  1. For en god ide!! Det vil jeg prøve en gang. Håper det er bra med dere. Hils så mye:-)