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Friday, August 6, 2010

New flowers and "pots"

My sweet friend gave me these wonderful buckets, knowing that I adore them. They are all really worn, but I love them that way!

At the grocery store they had geraniums for .50 cents a piece! I have no clue what color they are, but that will be a wonderful surprise! If I have learned one lesson this summer, it's that I still kill most of my flowers. I do however, manage to keep my geranium blooming and I'm amazed at that. So when summer is over these will all come inside, and hopefully keep me happy all winter long!

At the store they also had 3 miniature roses for $10! I totally adore these little beauties, and I've had good luck with these before as well.
They don't smell much, but certainly add a lot of charm!

Have a great weekend!

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