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Monday, August 30, 2010

Holly Hobbie!

I love Holly Hobbie. A couple of weeks ago I got this retro book from a friend who had gotten it at a garage sale. It's faded on the outside, but perfect on the inside. I don't think it has been read much. It is so very sweet.

Holly Hobbie has evolved since my childhood, and there are 4-5 movies out now about her great granddaughter, Holly Hobbie. It's a very sweet and Innocent cartoon set in our time. I love watching them with my girl! (And I don't like cartoons normally).

It also has the sweetest song "Just like you". I don't remember the name of the singer, but her voice and the words make me teary eyes every time I see it. You can check it out on YouTube. Sorry I don't have the link...It's about how she looks just like her great grandmother and how they would be the best friends if they ever met....makes you think and dream!
Miss E likes to visit for fun online games for girls ( and mom's).

Positive and cute!

This doll is Holly's friend Carrie!

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